PCL Search/Replace, Editing & Optimization Utility

PCLFilter.exe is used to edit or correct anomolies in PCL print files. Or, to eliminate download font reducancies in order to optimize PCL print streams for faster printing or conversion into other formats like PDF.

PageTech's PCLFilter.exe Utility

PCLFilter.exe is included in all PCLTool SDK configurations and PCLWorks Program. It is most frequently used to edit PCL... like removing extraneous reset escape codes. It is also useful for correcting bad syntax or inserting formfeeds.

PCLTool SDK is designed first and foremost for developers in the form of development libraries, programs and utilities. PageTech's PCLTool SDK includes the broadest range of creative tools and programs for PCL conversion, transformation, text extraction and stream editing.

PCLWorks Program is a subset collection of the developer tools found in the PCLTool SDK. It lacks the Windows console programs for transparent operation of PCLXForm.exe.

PCLFilter.exe's Key Benefits

  • Optimizes PCL by removing redundant download bitmap and scalable fonts and individual characters. *See real world application below
  • Redacts bank account #'s on bank statements and cancelled check images, HIPAA data or to secure any other type of client confidential data.
  • Editing print streams with search and replace of escape codes and/or text.
  • Stripping extraneous null characters from PCL that originated in mainframe environments.
  • Stripping unwanted header text from PCL.
  • Stripping unwanted raster graphic objects from PCL. It can be customized to search/replace any graphic object (like: logos, signature, etc.).
  • Make printer driver-generated text legible by correcting the cell positions that are offset by a fixed number.
  • Replaces raster data found in proprietary compression methods into more commonly supported raster formats.
  • Customization of Filter or enhancement to it to meet your specific needs is done on a RFQ basis.

Real World Application

Many insurance and other large companies concatenate/append individually generated PCL print jobs from various desktop applications throughout the day into one massive print file for printing at the end of the day.

These large files can often contain up to 18 download fonts on the first page of every document in the file. If there are 1,000 documents in the file, then 18,000 fonts are taking-up file space and have to be processed by the printer or by any transformation tools.

Using PCLFilter.exe to optimize these types of PCL print streams before printing will dramatically increase the printers throughput. And, reducing the excessive number of download fonts in the file will allow other (and and very high-priced) PCL transformation tools to process these files for mail optimization applications.

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